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Best Backyard Wedding Decoration

Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

1. Plan With Space In Mind

No one likes crowds and least of all the guests at a wedding reception, so make sure that you have enough room for the amount of guests you decide to invite. You may need to reduce the amount of invitations you send out if you find that your yard just isn't large enough. Consider that you'll be having waiters and other staff on the premises as well.

2. Climate Control

The thing about climate control is that it doesn't really exist. It can rain at any time and anywhere, and a sudden rainstorm, even in summer, can completely ruin your plans. Obviously, you need to erect some cover for your guests and for you arrangements, but the kind that you choose depends on the area you need covered.

3. Pattern Your Event Around A Theme

Setting your event around a core idea or theme is the best possible thing that you could do, because a good theme seems to 'grow' wonderful ideas. When you think about any style of decoration, you'll find that ideas just keep coming. For example, with a 'Hawaii' theme, you can, instead of the traditional flower centerpieces, have a lovely fresh pine-apple in the center of each table, surrounded by a garland of flowers. You can even put in wooden porch & swings. And decorations don't even need to be too expensive - you'll find that cheap materials like crepe-paper and ribbons can make excellent decorations.

4. Get Help From Family And Friends

You can get lots of help from the people around you when setting up your wedding, because everyone genuinely wants to help. And there are some arrangements that absolutely must be made. One of the most important of these is ensuring that there is adequate parking for all the guests who will be driving over. Ensuring that you have parking can make this so much more comfortable for a guest who would otherwise have to search for parking, perhaps after a long drive. Another thing that you should make arrangements for is for a power generator, in the rare instance that the power goes down. And lastly, make sure that your restrooms are adequate for the number of guests that you invite, and if they aren't see about setting up some additional arrangements.

5. Work On Improving The Area You'll Use For The Event

Improvements that you can make to your property in the time leading up to the wedding day are a big plus point in favor of using your own property as a wedding venue. Here are a few tips to help you on your way: 

Repair the drive and the front of the property. Remember that people will be arriving and that this is this is the first thing they will see. It's also a great way to ensure that your married life begins with a house that looks just great to visitors.
The next thing you need to concentrate on is your lawn area in your back yard. Take on a lawn expert if necessary - if you don't have a lawn, these people can put one down for you in no time at all, and at a very reasonable price. If you already have a lawn, they'll help to perfect it for your big day.
Make some arrangements for older people - make sure that they can get around your property without any trouble.
6. Landscape Your Backyard

Landscaping your garden just before your wedding is an excellent idea, especially as a well planned garden will be so pleasant to sit in with your partner in the evenings, even after the wedding. And the guests at your wedding will be so pleased to walk among all the lovely blooms.

7. Get The Lights And Music Right

While choosing a good band ensures that there's a wonderful musical backdrop for your wedding, the lights are just as important. The tent or marquee should be well lit, but tastefully so. Avoid harsh white lighting - it tends to make people look old, and you want your older guests remembering and cherishing the spirit of romance, not feeling out of it. Go in for lovely yellow lights that mimic sunlight. These soften the lines in peoples faces - indeed, the right lighting can take twenty years off the elder guests at your wedding. And with the right music your wedding will be just perfect.

8. There Are Ways To Further Savings.

You can avail of tax deductions by buying some kinds of things (cutlery, for example) before the event, and donating them to charity afterwards - when you factor in the tax deduction, you'll find that you save the entire amount that you spend for them.

9. Help Your Guests Beat The Heat

If the days are hot around the time of your wedding, you need to ensure that the heat doesn't bother your guests. A battery of well placed cooling fans should do just fine, or if the days are particularly hot, bring in a misting system.

10. Ways To Record Your Event

If you're one of those people who like to have visual and photographic record of your special day, then there's nothing like disposable cameras to help you on your way. Hand one out to all your guests before the event, and you'll end up with a large surplus of photos that you can then sift through to create the perfect photographic record of your event. Or call in a professional or two, and have them record the event for posterity. Or even better, do both, and ensure that you'll remember each precious moment for years to come.

Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas


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